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B- (71)

I am not a fan of Luis Bunuel. I have only watched this and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and I am not impressed. He’s not boring. He’s not incompetent. He’s not shallow. By all accounts Bunuel is a great director, and his films have some inherent value to them—but the pessimism, the sighs that reverberate through every frame, and the half-loving, half-mocking view he takes on his characters just spells too much resignation to me. It’s like listening to the most brilliant crotchety old man in the world talk to you in with an ironic tone and perfect diction: you don’t want to hear it. Count me as among the group that just doesn’t get Bunuel; Viridiana is by every account a well made movie with a core that just never fails to elude, and not in a good, provocative way. By the time you’re contemplating everything, Bunuel basically tells you to give up and accept it—it’s not that he doesn’t offer an answer, it’s that the answer is so fundamentally unwieldy and noncommittal that there’s no possible way I could ever claim to adore the film. Honestly, the best and the most concrete thing about this movie is that Viridiana herself is very, very pretty. Count me shallow.

Ratings: (31/40, 4.5/10)

  • 12 November 2011
  • 64